Voice and Values

Maximize your impact by aligning your voice and values with your passions. 

Why Your Voice and Values Matter

Some people have more time than money, some have more money than time. We can all make an impact beyond leading with your lifestyle through supporting organizations that a doing great work to protect our world. 

From donating to divesting and investing, to volunteering, and taking political, there are so many options for involvement on environmental issues that it can be hard to know where to start. 

That's why we do the work so you can make your impact.

Donating your money to some of the best organizations is the simplest way to help. Select what you value you the most to find the best organizations we've picked out to magnify your impact.

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Support organizations working to protect and preserve our natural world

Social Issues

Organizations working to address marginalized groups and impoverished societies.


Take part in the democratic process by supporting organizations fighting for policies.

Divest and Impact Invest

 If you have investments, that money is having an impact. The question is, is it a positive or negative impact? What’s your money doing and are your investments aligned with your values or working against them?


Withdrawing your investments from fossil fuel companies.

Impact Investing

Investing your funds to create positive impact


Focusing on various ways you can affect positive change by getting involved in the democratic process. The politics of climate change have been ever-present over the past decade, but they took center stage recently with the proposed Green New Deal resolution that lays out a broad plan for combating climate change while also creating jobs and stimulating the US economy. 

Find out how you can reach out to your representative (and find out who they are). We also included a quick way if you only have 5 mins...

How to Reach Your Representative


The difficulty most of us face these days is finding something we feel passionate enough about to take the time out of our busy lives to volunteer and support it. It doesn't have to be that way.

Find out how to find organizations that you're passionate about that need your help in your area!

How to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area

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Divesting and Impact Investing

If you have investments, that money is having an impact. We just need to make sure it's having a positive one and that your investments aligned with your values

How to reach your Representative

The best ways you can reach your representative and tell them you want them to take the environment seriously. 

How to find the right Volunteer Group

Finding a cause we feel passionate enough about to take the time out of our busy lives to volunteer and support it.

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