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What's inside?

What you see

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Who Gives a Crap’s premium bamboo toilet paper! You and your bum will love it!

Bamboo Toothbrush - Brush with Bamboo’s one of the best, most sustainable toothbrush’s out there, and they are work and feel great.

Toothpaste Tablets - Toothpaste tablets let you ditch the plastic tube and try the new sustainable way to brush your teeth!

Bar Soap - SoapBox Soaps not only have great soaps, but they donate a bar of soap to someone in need for every bar of soap sold. That’s real impact!

Bar Shampoo - JR Liggett’s might be old fashioned, but they’ve been making earth and people friendly bar shampoo from 100% natural vegetable oils within the USA for some time.

Natural Loofah - Clean Planetware’s heirloom loofah are grown using traditional methods, are free of all pesticides and herbicides, and are completely unprocessed.

What you don't see

Your Impact Report - Find out more about the products, the impact of this box and how big of an impact we're making collectively!

Checklist for Personal Care Products - Guide for tips on how to read personal car product labels, how to shop smart, and other invaluable information.

Guide to a plastic-free bathroom - A how-to guide to transforming the rest of your bathroom routine to plastic-free and 22 alternatives.

My Environment report - A cross-section view of environmental information based on your location including air, water, energy, health, and climate.

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