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What to buy

LED Bulbs

Cost: $12 for 4
Why LEDs: Save up to $31/year
Why Philips: Embracing sustainability to become carbon neutral by 2020
How To Choose Guide: Family Handyman

Get your LEDs

Reusable Tote Bag

Cost: $9
Why we picked: Easy to stow compact reusable bag
Why ChicoBag: Dedicated to eliminating single use waste 


Water Bottle

Cost: $14.95
Why we picked: Light and perfect convenient size
Why Cupanion: Supports water projects around the world

Cupanion Bottle


Cost: $29.95
Why we picked: Sturdy, keeping your drink hot/cold for hours
Why Cupanion: Supports water projects around the world 

Cupanion Thermos

what to do

Switch to Renewable Energy

Cost: Free
Why Arcadia Power: Connect to renewable energy without installing solar panels
Bonus: Receive $25 off your next bill

Sign-up for Clean Energy

Total Impact

Total cumulative impact of taking all the actions over a year


Showers saved
(9,161 gal of water)


Miles off the road
(21,839 lbs of CO2)


lbs of waste or 15 trash bags
(470 lbs of waste)


equivalent to 459 cups of coffee 

Impact of Switching

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