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What to buy

Compost Kit

Cost: $30
Why: Easy to use, fit's on cabinet door under sink, and doesn't smell

Start Composting Here

Water Efficient Shower Head

Cost: $63, but can save you up to $30/year
Why: Delta's “H20kinetic” means water efficiency with high pressure
How to: Install water efficient shower head

Delta Shower Head

what to do

Try an Eco-Friendly Diet

Why: Diet is your single greatest positive environmental impact.
How to start: Try #MeatlessMondays
Next Steps: Check out our Food Month 

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Start Composting

Why: Food waste is the 3rd largest emitter of green house gases.
How to start: Compost Guide
Next: Find compost drop-off, or compost pick-up: CompostNow

Start Composting Here

Laundry: Try Cold Water

Cost: Save up to $60/year
Why: 75% of the energy for laundry is from heating water.
Why else: Clothes last longer
Don't Believe us: Consumer Reports tested it

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Showering: Aim for under 5 mins

Cost: Save up to $30/year
Why: Can save up to 3,650 gallons/year
How to start: Time your next shower

5 mins is a long time...

Total Impact

Total cumulative impact of taking all the actions over a year


Showers saved
(9,161 gal of water)


Miles off the road
(21,839 lbs of CO2)


lbs of waste or 15 trash bags
(470 lbs of waste)


equivalent to 459 cups of coffee 

Impact of Switching

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