Minimize the amount of waste you produce at home

Better Products, Less Waste

We've done the work to research and test all sorts of alternative products to find the best ones that benefit our planet while not sacrificing quality or convenience.

Find all our top recommendations for you!

Why make the switch? Cling wrap is not recyclable and the manufacturing process is very very dirty. These are two great alternatives we've tried and use that ditch that nasty plastic.

How-to Tip: The silicone are dishwasher safe, while the bees wrap is a more natural option (read, not dish washer safe). 

Silicone Stretch Tops

Cost: $6
Why we picked: Easy to use, fit pretty much anything, and dishwasher safe!

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Bees Wrap

Cost: $19
Why we picked: Organic cotton infused with natural bees wax and a Bees Wrap is a Green America certified company.

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Cost: Free
Why we picked: Astar's Place
walks you through the process to make your own bees wrap!

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Why make the switch? Every time we go shopping we've got an opportunity to reduce our waste, there are tons of simple switches, these are a few of our favorites. 

How-to Tip: The Chico bags are perfect to slip into your purse or backpack so you have one with you all the time. 

Chico Bags

Cost: $9
Why we picked: The most convenient bags we've com across, and ChicoBag is dedicated to eliminating single use waste. 

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Produce Bags

Cost: $14.95
Why these? Ditch the single use plastic bags and keep your produce fresh.
Alternative: Don't use bags at all...

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Bread bag

Cost: $19.99
Why these? Green Upward bags are high quality hand made in the US.

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Impact of Switching

Total Impact

Total cumulative impact of taking all these actions above over a year


Showers saved
(1,555 gal of water)


days of cow farts saved
(446 lbs of CO2)


trash bags of waste saved
(131 lbs of waste)


equivalent to 217 cups of coffee 

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