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What was inside the food box?

What you see

Bamboo utensils - Our favorite type of bamboo utensils and holder to help you to kick the disposable ones to the curb.

Sandwich wrap - Reusable, unfolding sandwich wrap to keep your sandwich in one piece.

Napkins - Organic cotton napkins for those messy meals on-the-go or at home

Reusable Ziploc bags - Join #PlasticFreeJuly with these and ditch the single use ziplocs

Reusable bags - Use these for your sandwich, snack, or pretty much anything. 

What you don't see

What we eat
- The best protein alternatives card
- What 12 fruits you definitely want to get organic and which ones are not necessary

When we eat it

- Your seasonal produce chart
- What foods travel the best

Where it goes & how to avoid waste
- What's the best way to store food in your fridge
- Ideas for using leftovers

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