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Arcadia Power gives us citizens, nationwide, a solution to make a positive environmental impact without having to take the step of installing solar panels. An especially great option for those of you living in apartments and condos. 

How much to switch?

Free plan: 50% renewables, same as your current electricity bill.

Premium plan: 100% renewables for 1.5 cents per kWh more, or about $15/month for the average home.

Help you save money: They can also help you find a lower energy rate plan in your area

Why make the switch?

Impact: It’s a cheap way to make a difference compared to installing solar panels.

Environment: Clean air, water, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions are also pretty good reasons.

Cost: Some utilities allow you to opt for a renewable option, however, it’s typically more $$$. Arcadia Power wants to link you up with renewable energy without impacting your wallet. It’s also free to cancel.

The impact for the average american home if you don't already pay for renewables

How does it work?

All sources of electricity eventually end up in the same place, the national grid, where all the sources (coal, gas, renewables) are mixed together.

Today, only about 13% of that is renewables. Arcadia Power’s mission is to increase that by purchasing energy from clean power sources such as wind farms and community solar programs.

When Arcadia power purchases clean energy they earn Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or renewable energy credits. Then Arcadia sells the RECs to its customers.

These RECs help to increase demand for clean energy sources, which then puts more clean energy onto the grid. If 13% renewables on the grid sounded too low to you, this is a great way for you to do your part.

Is my electricity dirty?

Check out EPA Energy Profiler, where you enter in your zip code and it shows you the sources of your (coal, natural gas, solar, wind, etc.) and how clean the electricity you use is.

How does Arcadia Power make money?

Arcadia Power has a freemium type of business model which is common in software, like Spotify or YouTube, but unique in the utility industry.

So while you’re free to join whichever plan you want, Arcadia Power’s ultimate goal is to get you onto the 100-percent plan.

They also make money by:

Taking a small percentage of the savings when they find you a better provider with price alerts

Earning commissions on renewal energy credits

Earning money by connecting you to a community solar power project

Sales of products they partner with like, like the Nest thermostat

Make the Switch to Clean Energy

Sign up for Arcadia and receive $25 off your next bill.

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