"We are not building this country for a day.
It is to last through the ages."


We’re on a mission to safeguard and sustain our natural world by inspiring individual action, empowering daily changes in lifestyle, and building a community of impact.

We give you access to curated sets of products, stories and evidence of environmental impact (both good and bad), and tailored reports on the impact your actions make on the natural world around you.

Through our monthly subscription boxes, we provide alternatives to everyday products such as plastic wrap, resealable sandwich bags, water bottles, toothbrushes, soaps, and many more.

Each box is curated to address a specific aspect (like water usage, waste, energy, and hygiene), and includes an impact report which shows you just how big a difference you can make with what might feel like small changes in your daily routine.

We also show you the collective impact made by the entire Sekoyia community. Because your efforts are so much more than a drop in the bucket. Together, we’ll make an ocean of difference.


My experience of growing up in Southern Africa instilled in me a passion for exploring and traveling. As I moved to the more convenient lifestyle of the US, my need to explore never went away. Over time and many travels, my eyes were opened to see our incredible world.

I’ve also seen the negative impacts we are having on our amazing cities and landscapes. We are at risk of losing them for us and for future generations.

“To do good you actually have to do something.”
Founder of Patagonia

Lasting change is not a single step, but that is where it starts. Sekoyia is equipping people to take a journey for change together.

All our small steps add up. Our decisions matter today. We just need to start.

Let's lead with our lifestyles.

- Gareth Lewis