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What is Sekoyia?

We’re an eco-impact movement empowering you to make a positive environmental difference. Each quarter, we'll reveal a new Sekoyia Essentials kit of environmentally friendly products and information that replace your everyday items. We believe sustainability should be convenient and accessible. We do the work, so you can make the impact. 

Join Sekoyia’s mission of transforming lifestyles to protect our world!

The Sekoyia Essentials Kit

8 products to seamlessly transform your everyday living into a sustainable lifestyle. We're still revealing the products we've included in the kit. Follow along on social media as we make the remaining announcements!

How It Works

1. Receive

Eco-friendly products that seamlessly replace items you use everyday.

2. Impact

Track your CO2, H2O, Waste, and Dollar savings in the Impact Report with every kit.

3. Grow

Be a part of our informed community with our monthly eco-guides and challenges.

Little changes, Big Impact

Sustainability can be easy, and each little step makes a difference. Be part of the Sekoyia community that's making an impact.

Here is our impact to date:


showers saved
(209,781 gal of water)


days of cow farts saved
(54,503 lbs of CO2)


trash bags of waste saved
(7,450 lbs of waste)


cups of coffee worth of savings
($9,992 saved)

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